Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Lindsay's Romantic Fall DO LIST

Lindsay's Romantic Fall DO LIST

Circle dress, $75
Long cocktail dress, $100
Victoria s Secret victoria secret coat, $158
High heel shoes, £245
Marni ankle strap heels, $650
Haberdash House wood jewelry, £10
ASOS metal jewelry, $11
LOUIS VUITTON City Guide 2011 New York Cliquez pour Agrandir, €25

A lot of these items are a bit out of the price range... But I will find shoes like the ones that you see, and I'll find them for less!

Stay tuned!

Miss Piggy: Style and Confidence Icon

I remember being called Miss Piggy a few times in my life... and being offended. Now I know that it was one of the biggest compliments EVER!

Take notice to her outfit and how the black ribbon hits the smallest point of her waist, giving her a coke bottle body. If you aren't busty like Ms. Piggy, then add a padded bra and sinch that waist and create the illusion!

HiiiiYA, Miss Piggy is a role model... despite her domestic abuse problems with Kermit. She's a kick ass, confident, piggy who knows what she wants... and how to get it!

Pick up a copy November's issue of InStyle and read it!