Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Lindsay's Romantic Fall DO LIST

Lindsay's Romantic Fall DO LIST

Circle dress, $75
Long cocktail dress, $100
Victoria s Secret victoria secret coat, $158
High heel shoes, £245
Marni ankle strap heels, $650
Haberdash House wood jewelry, £10
ASOS metal jewelry, $11
LOUIS VUITTON City Guide 2011 New York Cliquez pour Agrandir, €25

A lot of these items are a bit out of the price range... But I will find shoes like the ones that you see, and I'll find them for less!

Stay tuned!

Miss Piggy: Style and Confidence Icon

I remember being called Miss Piggy a few times in my life... and being offended. Now I know that it was one of the biggest compliments EVER!

Take notice to her outfit and how the black ribbon hits the smallest point of her waist, giving her a coke bottle body. If you aren't busty like Ms. Piggy, then add a padded bra and sinch that waist and create the illusion!

HiiiiYA, Miss Piggy is a role model... despite her domestic abuse problems with Kermit. She's a kick ass, confident, piggy who knows what she wants... and how to get it!

Pick up a copy November's issue of InStyle and read it! 

Saturday, April 23, 2011

My Fashionable Mission:

Hello Lovely Ladies! 

Allow me to introduce myself; I'm Lindsay, the savvy brunette bringing you ideas on how to dress your offset silhouette. Let me further explain my blog's title and what I plan on this blog being all about... bare with me, friends :) 



shrewdly informed; experienced and well-informed; canny. (dictionary.com)

Comes from the french verbs 'savoir faire', which means the 'know how'. (urbandictionary.com)

I believe that being savvy is much more then being well-informed, it's a way of life. A savvy woman knows how to get what she wants, afford-ably. She's a maven forging her on runway and if it doesn't work, she makes it work. I believe that my experience with fashion has made me savvy enough to help inform those trying to find their own runway, regardless of stupid insecurities. A savvy woman, is a secure woman...
(I just happen to be a savvy brunette, hence the "brunette", and it rhymed with silhouette ;o)  


of, noting, or pertaining to an offset.
placed away from a center line; off-center.
15.   placed at an angle to something, as to the axis of a form,shape, or object; not parallel

Synonyms:counterbalanced, equitableequivalentevened,fairjustoffset proportional,
stabilized,symmetrical, uniform (thesaurus.com)

     No body is perfect, and if you think someone's body is perfect, I bet that somebody can tell you all that they think is wrong with it. We're all a little offset, but that doesn't mean that we have to beat ourselves up by wearing unflattering outfits! Embrace your offset by portraying that you're confident being different. So what you have a little belly, that doesn't mean you have to wear moo-moos! Goes the same for the little twiggies, that doesn't mean you have to wear moo moos and not show off your little figure! (cough, Mary-Kate and Ashley)

While I'm at it, let's get into my lingo/terminology I plan on using to describe different body shapes!

  • Coke Bottle: This term is for the women with curvy bodies. Their bust is in some what proportional to their hips, with a smaller waist.This term could be for a size 2-20...or higher! The proportions of a coke bottle model make traffic stop, heads turn, and men drool... when dressed correctly. Only a few percent of the female population has a body like this... but we can all create the allusion!
  • Juicy Pears: This is for the women that are not-so-busty compared to their curvy hips and/or ass and thighs. A proportion that is frowned upon by some self hating women, but most notable body types of many renaissance paintings. This body type is subconsciously most men's preference. With a padded bra, a hot outfit showing off the parts you like best, and a sprinkle of confidence... you're a show stopper. 
  • Lusty Busties: I'll use this term for women that are very busty, but don't have a proportional bottom half. Whom ever is up in the sky has given you a gift of whip lash causin'(and sometimes back-breakin') CLEAVAGE! How is this entirely a bad thing? Through observation, I notice that lusty busties cover up their goodies! I'm sure I could step in a lusty busty's shoes and think of a few self hating thoughts to cover them up... but there will be no room for those stupid insecurities in this blog. Your boobically gifted... and there is no reason not to show that off. 
  • Fit Twiggies: These are the women who are naturally slender... and might hate it. These women are crazy... haha, just playing. The most envied by all women, these women hide under ill fitting clothing to down play their skinniness... or worse, wear clothing three sizes too tight to shove it in people's faces. There is nothing wrong embracing your envied physique with outfits no other body type could get away with... in a flattering way.
  • Buxom Beauties: Oh, how I love the pretty, pretty, plus sized ladies. These women are rounder, supple, and extra curvy. These women, unfortunately, have to sacrifice fashion due to what is in the stores in their size, or affordable... but I don't find this any excuse to dress fabulously! Online shopping has become easier than eating and breathing, so take your measurements and I'll show you hot websites and places you can order!
  • Pretty Powerhouse: This term is going to be used for the women that go to the gym to work on their fitness... and are proud of their cuts and curves. These women strive for perfection, but usually wear sporty attire... all the time. In my eyes this is unexceptionable. Let's ditch the nike spandex, sports bra, and sneaks and show off what everyone knows you work so hard for!

SUB TERMS that will be occasionally used with the body terms.
  • Shorties: Women with any one of the body terms, but is short. Short features; smaller hands and feet, shorter legs and arms, smaller frame/bone structure. I will single out fashion for the shorties that need to show off their best features!
  • Amazon: Women with any one of the body terms, but is tall. Tall features; larger hands and feet, longer legs and torso, longer arms, and a larger frame/bone structure. As a tall woman who embraces it with 4 inch heels, I will show you how to rock my heels, or kick it in flats and still look sexy.

I am an aspiring fashion stylist who has big ideas for every body... 

and I want prove in this blog that: 

...To make being yourself and portraying 
confidence through fashion effortless. 

...For women to accept that not only are they not perfect, but the woman they think is... isn't perfect either. 

...To embrace imperfection, in perfect outfit choices that make you feel confident. 

...An outfit, hair, eyes, and smile are the major elements to a first impression... Let me help you by giving you the ideas to make perfect first impressions. 

...Confidence come first, everything else follows...

I plan on giving my readers:
-Current outfits you can find in the stores or online to flatter all offset silhouettes.
-Models with body types you can relate to and take creative ideas from.
-Ambush makeovers (once I get a video camera!)
-Creative ideas, fashion trends, and more all keeping in mind the every day woman on a budget

Keep tuned in! 
xoxo- Lindsay